HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! DO NOT HAVE A HEART ATTACK!!! YES I AM ACTUALLY POSTING SOMETHING IN MY JOURNAL!!!! Right so its been like, a really really really long time. SO we won't even try to fill you in on all of it. Tony, I deleted that LJ client because I never used it, my bad.

OH whats new in sara's life
1. Living on my own in Battle Creek now
2. Dating the most adorable guy ever, Nick, and I totally love him
3. Going to KCC, 4 more days of class (ish)

That's the main one's I think. Umm....yeah. Tony is a kleptomaniac alcoholic. Just so you all know. I think that's about it for today. I may try to update more often, when the mood strikes me, but probably not. So don't go looking for my LJ to be the window to my life or anything. Wanna know something? Msg me on aim *lilanglbaby1207* I'll prolly answer you.


Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock....

Yeah...ok so it's been awhile. Again. My bad. :-)

Let me see....worked a lot this week. Which actually was fun, got to hang out with the older people on day shift AND then hang out with the kids my age cuz my shift usually overlapped. Got to see Dylan, which is always great. Thank you for the visor, I love it! Friday went to see a movie with AJ and Tony. Had a good time. Tony and I jammed to Bohemian Rhapsody....hehehe we shook the Jimmy...it was great. Tony, I was truly impressed that you could harmonize that note! Saw my cousin Scott cuz he is the head manager at the movie theatre...that was cool too. I guess that's about it. Cedar Point trip this coming Saturday. Should be...well interesting to say the least. I'm totally riding Top Thrill Dragster. Muhahahahahahahaha And we had some wicked storms yesterday...lots of tornado warnings and such. Nothing around me tho. *pout* Maybe next time I suppose. I want the sirens to go off while I'm at work again. That was cool! OK I think thats all for now.......OH and I won movie tickets from 103.3 goooooo me (I don't remember if I posted that in my last post or not)

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Update timeeeee

OK so it's been a week since I updated. Yeah about time that I should do that, huh?

Not a lot has happened really...Tony congrats on your new job! Um..... Dylan has been in Canada since the 24th but he comes home today. Yay! Classes at KCC start om 30 days, counting today. I'm actually pretty excited about that. Christmas break, for those that wanted to know, starts for me on December 17th.

Had a garage sale yesterday during the fireman's festival. Mom and Aunt Becky made 150 bucks for my grandma. I had to get up earlyyyyyyy and help them. So yeah I was out with Mindy and Mandy until 3, then I come home and my aunt is sleeping in my room and she SNORES really really loud. Then mom wants me up at 7....I get up at 6 because I just can't take the snoring anymore, and actually only got about 2 hours of sleep. BLAH. Went to work at 2, what fun....Tony (not my friend Tony, another Tony) left the bottle room a complete disaster....Took me and Jeremy an hour and half to catch it up. Filled bags with Trevor...I made him go to the back with me and help me get the bags cuz he wasn't doing anything anyway...hehe Bagged for awhile, then got to attempt to bag AND work bottle room while Jeremy was at lunch. BLAH Gail was all freaking out cuz what's his name Feldpausch...Jordan's dad, a.k.a the owner of the store showed up...eeeeeeasy Gail.... So anyway, get out of work at 8, with offers to be in 3 different places other than the place I p;anned on being...*sigh* too many decisions. So Collin walks with me out to my car and I am like about falling asleep...head back home and up to the fireworks to hang out with friends..Came home and was in bed and asleep before 10:45. Slept for over 12 hours and now I am going to head to work. Yay.

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Hey hey to those that actually read this. What to update with... I have my car back now!!! YAY! Spent around 200 on it....but it feels good to have my baby back again. It might not be much, but it's mine.

Went to the Hot Air Jubilee in Jackson with Dylan on friday (7/18). Had a wonderful time, as I always do when I'm with him. After I remembered...or was reminded maybe....of how to get to his house. I suck majorly at back roads. Blah. Give me highway any day... And Dylan, I still would like to know what you found to buy...but I SUPPOSE I can be patient if I must.

Saw "How to Deal" last night with AJ and Tony...cute movie. Tony, you were too funny...AJ and I should drag you to more chick flicks.'

Had some excitement today at work. Actually, quite a bit of it. First of all, I get there at 11, and we are missing 3 baggers and one cashier. Yay. Then later in the day another bagger calls in. Then my boyfriend came and saw me with his mom :) Made me smile for the rest of the day... THEN, some storms come through our area. The tornado alarm thing goes off, so Dee comes over the PA telling cashiers to turn off our computers, and workers and customers need to go to the back of the store for safety purposes. Sadly, we all were forced to the back, although I would have liked to watch the storm. So instead we crack jokes about it, I truly don't know HOW I would have survived without Collin's protection from the storm. Yeah....riiight.... Anyway, had a good time getting paid to do nothing for over 20 minutes. So then we all go back up to work and blah blah blah, I worked for like 20 minutes, took my break, and then worked for like another 20 minutes and went home. Kinda cool, though I was worried about Mom and Dad, they were at the campground and I didn't know if they were driving in the storms. Oh well, they were fine and I had fun. So.yeah...thats about it.

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My poor car....

Ok so my car is in pieces in the garage. I THOUGHT I'd get it back tonight, but nooooooo. Dad takes off the left front tire and finds tons of stuff wrong. No wonder it was making noise! So far he has fixed the transmission crossmember, and given it an oil change, and changed wheel bearings, and fixed the brakes. He still needs to change ball joints on the left and also replace a spring on the left. I might not have my car back til like the end of the week. And in the meantime, I am stuck driving my mother's granny car BOAT, Buick whatever it is....I don't know, it's just bigger than my car. I want my car back! :*(

Anyway, on a brighter note, we all survived our camping trip. Nobody killed each other, so I'm calling it a successful trip. Damn raccoons though...wake me up, scare the hell outta me and make me scream, then poke at the tent by my feet, make me go flying across the tent....evil nasty dirty disgusting obnoxious....I'm sure there are more.....creatures. Ugh. I hate them. Also saw lightening hit a tree on the way there, pretty cool, but the rain and stuff made Amanda whine like crazy!

Went and saw Legally Blonde 2, funny movie. Also surprised Paul at work and had a good time picking on him (and checking out his butt, right AJ? :-) Amanda got to see a little taste of how he and I are when we're together....although I'm not sure thats a good thing.... Anyway, thats enough for tonight, I've written a book.

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Happy birthday to DREW

Well. Today was my nephew's 10th birthday, nece the subject. And now I feel old because he hit the big "double digits"...ugh. Spent the afternoon at Full Blast (a waterslide place) for his birthday party with a ton of kids. Ugh again. Went to work at 6, which is where things get interesting.

Felpausch is cursed :-D

Well, not really. But in the past week, lots of exciting things have happened. 1. Some girls broke one of our windows and then took off. Glass all over and stuff. Lots of fun. 2. Today, some guy stole 2 of our VCR's and then as he was running out of the store he grabbed some lady's purse and keys. Todd (the store director) tackeld the guy in the parking lot. Then Joe Kuzma sat on him with Todd so he couldn't get away as someone else called the cops. 3. Tonight, some guys were having an argument in the parking lot, and one guy went to put his hand in the other guy's car (one was still in his car, the other was out). Well as he did this, the guy inside the car put the window up on the other dude's hand. So the guy who's hand is stuck breaks the window to the car to get his hand out. So then one of the guys (I dunno which) takes off, and the cops come. Again.

So that was the excitement of the day. Congrats to my fellow class of 2003-ers, we have been out of HS for one month!

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Live Journal??????

Wow. Ok I'm gonna shock people and write something in my journal. WAY too much has happened since my last update. So a basic rundown....

-I turned 18 on December 7
-Went to the Caymen Islands, Toronto, and NYC during the winter
-Began working at Felpausch in April-ish
-Graduated from OHS on June 1
-Started seeing Dylan on June 1 also :-)

And now I am currently taking a class at KCC, where I will be a full-time student this fall. Have a camping trip coming up with Amanda, Tony and Keith, which should be fun as long as the guys don't get in one of their "moods". And that's about it for today cuz I'm not going to write out everything that has happened to me since October 25th.

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Today is Tony's 18th birthday!! I got him two tickets to the Purdue v. MSU football game, :-) And two barbie Christmas ornaments too. hehehehehe

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Tonyyyyy!
Happy birthday to you!!!!

How old are you?
How old are you?
You look like a MONKEY
And act like one too!!!!!

Happy birthday Monkey Duck!

So yeah...not much new going on here. the Musical is coming up soon, yay I guess. um... Mommy and Daddy dearest leave on November 1st for Hawaii. 2 parent-free weeks. ROCK ON!I guess that's it. My main reason for updating today was to "sing" happy birthday to my bestest friend on his 18th. So, LATA YA'LL
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(no subject)

OK ok ok I'm updating. Are you two happy now? Tony and Doug have decided to hassle me because I don't update my journal...like.....ever. So here is your update guys.

Worked at the Halloween Carnival tonight. Had a nice little goth witch-ish outfit. Soooooo much black. Doug, Tony, and Casey (thats all I can remember) scared little kids all night. I sold cotton candy (what fun). The fog machine from the haunted house thingy set off the smoke alarms, so we evacuated the school. Blah to that. I stayed inside. Cold + Me in a dress does NOT = outside. nope nope nope. And all this is after I worked from 7-3:30 today. Poo on being on my feet so much.

My car broke last week :( I went to leave work, and there is antifreeze all leaked out of my poor baby. Soooo I had to get a new water pump. Missed a day of work cuz I had no wheels tho. yay

According to Jason I'm being "grumpy" but thats only because he insists on always being an ass to me. Sorry Jay, but it gets old. and just because YOU don't think your being an ass doesn't mean that others don't. Think about it, I'm not the only one that went off on you this week. But I'm the grumpy one. Whatever.

We got smoked by Maple Valley last night. I mean SMOKED. 20-0. sniffle sniffle. We are supposed to beat Valley our senior year. Oh well. There's always basketball season :) 225 days until graduation (unless you are Doug :-D hehe)

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